Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Western High Spots

The subtitle of this volume pretty much tells the tale of what is between the covers:

A preeminent book collector and historian presents bibliographic profiles of published Western Americana.”

Author Jeff C. Dykes penned this useful volume of 15 essays on published facets of the real West and its fictional representation. The high spots for this reader were the essays “My Ten Outstanding Books on the West” which includes way more than ten non-fiction picks, “High Spots of Western Fiction: 1902-1952”, which again exceeds the ten by far with many titles that were new to me, and a fascinating essay titled “Ranger Reading” which is a terrific source guide to all forms of rangering, from Texas Rangers to Rogers Rangers, to Bushrangers in Australia’s Outback.

This eclectic tome will appeal to readers who mix their fiction evenly with non-fiction on the topic. It is written with love and the sure hand of a well-versed authority.

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