Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Creed of Violence

“It was God at his most blessed who gave you this.” He touched his head. “So you would know what is right. It was God at his most blessed who gave you this.” And he touched his heart. “So you could feel what is right. And it was God who gave you these,” he grabbed his crotch again, “so you would have the fuckin’ cojones to do what is right even if it means your own death. That is God’s holy trinity on earth. And if you do not live by that you are just useless pockets—”

A cynical, violent and gorgeously written novel positioned during the onset of the Mexican Revolution. Author, Boston Teran, gives us a father-son duo who also serve as the antagonist-protagonist—with the father “Rawbone” spouting some of the juiciest dialogue I’ve read in some time.

Teran draws parallels between the Mexican Revolution and who might really have been behind its inception and todays roil and turmoil in the world. Whether one agrees with the politics or not is irrelevant as the novel itself is a treat.

Fans of James Carlos Blake and Frank O’Rourke will find much to appreciate here.

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