Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Wide-Ranging Conversation: Richard Prosch & Mark Hatmaker


Crew, a little self-aggrandizement here, as I offer a podcast interview I did with the knowledgeable and good man, Richard Prosch over at The Six-Gun Justice podcast.


We roam over rough and tumble combat, the Comanche Empire, autodidacticism, philosophy, and…well, hell, give it a listen and find out for yourself, it’s only around 20 minutes long.


If you like what you hear, well, view the links below for more in my bailiwick and…


Proceed on with more Six Gun Justice from Mr. Prosch and his stalwart partner, Paul Bishop!


For info on the referenced Subscription Service.


For the whats and whys of The Black Box Project.


For ThisOld Man’s Musings on matters frontier and fictional.


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