Tuesday, May 14, 2024

An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre by John G. Bourke


The two great points of superiority of the native or savage soldier over the representative of civilized discipline are his absolute knowledge of the country and his perfect ability to take care of himself at all times and under all circumstances. Though the rays of the sun poured down from the zenith, or the scorching sirocco blow from the south, the Apache scout trudges along as unconcerned as he was when the cold rain or snow winter chilled his white comrade to the marrow. He finds food and pretty good food too, where the Caucasian would starve.

This non-fiction account by Captain Bourke of the Third Cavalry, U.S. Army is superlative, simply superlative.

For me to add more words to his succinct and dynamic account would take time away from your reading it.

I heartily endorse this excellent volume.

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