Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Buffalo Wagons

“Several times in my life I’ve been in a tough spot, something I couldn’t get out of by myself. Somebody always came along. Most often it was a stranger, somebody I never saw before or ever saw again. Seems like we go through life owing gratitude to strangers. The only way we can ever repay them is to help some other stranger. It all evens up, in the long pull.”

A fine early novel [1957] from the very reliable Elmer Kelton.

The year is 1873, the time of the buffalo is waning. The scuttlebutt in Dodge City among the forcibly idle buffalo hunters is that there is a large herd remaining south of the Cimarron. The trouble is, that is Comanche territory. Our protagonist, Gage Jameson, dares the journey and we are glad he did.

Along the way we learn the ins and outs of the buffalo hunt from the always historically mindful Kelton and have an adventure or two.

Solid work.

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