Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quote of the Week: The Texas Proverb

Each Wednesday, I'll be offering a historical quote from an actual Western personage. One that strikes me as mighty useful or illuminating.

In the post-Civil War period there was an exodus from the Southern and Border states to the rough wilds of Texas. Often abandoned cabins would be found with one of two phrases carved on the door to let neighbors know where they were.
Either it was carved  "Gone to Texas" or simply "GTT."

The new life in Texas was no bed of roses and it required a certain sort to stick it out. Hence the Texas Proverb.

"Cowards Never Started,
The Weak Never Got Here,
& the Unfit Don't Stay."

I have always been struck by the grit of those three lines, they are now embossed on a wall in my home and blaze the back of T-shirts from my day-job.

While many of us don't face Frontier Texas-size problems, may we still embody and embrace the grit to face what life does throw at us.

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