Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Town Named Hate by John Prebble

Martha Boyd sat in a corner during the town meeting. Now and then she looked across the room to Jason, and once he smiled to her reassuringly, and the smile was a bridge between them across the smoke and the heat and the hate in the room.
A stunner!
A story of a small town with forgotten promise, a long-dead tragedy and a mistake to latch vengeful hopes on.
Insight to burn, atmosphere that seethes, and a plot that boils start to finish.


  1. Prebble may have re-cycled (or re-worked) this as THE LONG HATE in his short story collection SPANISH STIRRUP. That also contains MY GREAT AUNT APPEARING DAY, which was made into the 1950s movie WHITE FEATHER. He also wrote a great novel, THE BUFFALO SOLDIERS. IMHO you won't find a better written western!

  2. Thank you for the info--I've been tracking down Prebble's work since encountering this story. Even his Scottish Highlands work is well worth a look.


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