Monday, November 26, 2018

All the Young Men

His granddaughter heard how poor and ragged he was, and finally she sent for him to live with her and her husband, Homer Wesley. They were a smart pair of educated Indians who dressed well and spoke good English, and affected to despise Navajo ways.  Sometimes they professed Christianity, but really thy had no religion save, in the secret part of their hearts, a little longing for and a real fear of the old gods.

This sad tale from Oliver La Farge follow the downfall of a medicine man who is no longer needed by the “new way” of his people.

It is written with care and heart and undoubtedly is well-informed. It ranks on the 100 Best Western Short-Story List, but I must admit, while well-crafted and deeply felt this one had an execution approach that left me a little removed.

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